A downloadable Mosquilephant for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Don't starve to death. Don't let your insanity kill you. And also, don't be overweight. Or your sanity will drop fast. Made for Global Game Jam 2016, site: IGDA Malaysia. The theme is "ritual".

Global Game Jam page: http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/mosquilephants-ritual

GitHub page: https://github.com/oneseedfruit/GGJ2016_Mosquilephant

Instructions: Left / right to move. Spacebar to fly (or try to fly if you're overweight). Down to land. Shift to eat. 

By Randy Tan (@oneseedfruit)

Mosquilephant character drawn by Charlene Andrew (@Chikoness)

Made with Godot 2.0 beta.

Install instructions

Extract the zip file and double-click on the executable to run.


Windows 8 MB
Linux 7 MB
Mac OS X 11 MB

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