A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Difficult game, please learn the controls first!

Sorry for the absurd controls.

Mouse / Keyboard:

-Point in a direction to herd pigs: [A] or [Left] to rotate anticlockwise, [D] or [Right] to rotate clockwise.

-Pigs will gradually move in the pointed direction once you stop changing where you're pointing.

-Press and hold [spacebar] to stop.

-Release [spacebar] right that after to accelerate in the pointed direction.

-Move pigs to let them drink water.

-[Left-mouse-click] on a filled pig (SQUARE pig) to shoot. It becomes unfilled (TRIANGLE).

-If a filled pig (SQUARE pig) is attacked, it will release all its water and become unfilled (TRIANGLE). Filled pigs (SQUARE pigs) take no damage.

-Unfilled pigs (TRIANGLE pigs) get damaged by attacks.

-Unfilled pigs (TRIANGLE pigs) gain a bit of health from drinking water, while becoming filled (SQUARE).

-Kill anybody holding a fork and a knife. Each kill earns you 1 credit.

-[Left-mouse-click] on an empty spot left by any dead pig to recruit a new pig for 2 credits.

-The game is over when there are no more pigs left.

Made with Godot. Ludum Dare 35 Compo entry.

GitHub repository.


Windows 8 MB
Linux 8 MB
Mac OS X 9 MB

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